The MIPIM, a good place for the marketing of cities and regions

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MIPIM 2011 - Expériences innovantes palais des festival nuit mipim 2011


 The MIPIM is considered an ideal place to observe, compare and implement strategies of cities & region marketing. The last edition of the MIPIM was a great success. I wrote several articles in french, but the photos are numerous and sufficient to see what happened :

- models of buildings and business / innovative districts ;

- Photo booth (in France or other countries)

- Innovative marketing initiatives or companies


During this event, a lot of information flows between participants through brochures, magazines, discussions, studies or benchmarks. For example, Greg Clark has published an article on the evolution of European Cities in the ranking of Cushman & Wakefield (European Cities Monitor).


After the MIPIM, Creopoint published an analysis of the reputation of cities in the new media in english. The winners are ? Several british cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham.


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