The Marketing & Branding of Airport Areas and Aerotropolis

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The Marketing & Branding of Airport Areas and Aerotropolis

Airport Areas / Aerotropolis have become key drivers of economic development because they offer a high concentration of amenities very useful for businesses engaged in the Global Economy. The DNA of the Airport Area is the connectivity created by an unique combination of infrastructures and Public / Private Services. Because of these assets, Airport Authorities, local Authorities, Business companies, etc. market all together these areas to intensify the local economic development and create jobs. Based on the principles of marketing and Best Practices, this study gives you the keys to succeed in marketing and branding of an Airport Area / Aerotropolis.
This study, conducted by IAU, is a contribution to the report of the Metropolis Initiative 2015 – 2017 on Sustainable Airport Areas to be published before the end of 2017.

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